Analogue audio multiplexing SPDT switch with low losses

May 20, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
The 74LVC1G3157 single-pole, double-throw analogue switch (Diodes Inc.) is designed for multiplexing digital or analogue signals. Its low on-state resistance ensures high integrity when routing audio signals, for consumer electronics from cell phones, tablets and e-readers to personal music players, hand-held games, satellite navigation and other audio equipment.

With an on-state resistance of less than 6Ω when operated with a 5V supply, the IC enables the routing of input audio signals and can support output routing in low-power applications. Its typical off-state leakage current of 20 nA provides a high degree of isolation, allowing components such as resistors and capacitors to be switched in or out of the signal path for programmable filters or different gain configurations.


The 74LVC1G3157 is designed for a 1.65V to 5.5V power supply range and can handle signal amplitudes between VCC and ground. The control input can be up to 5.5V regardless of VCC and the control pin includes hysteresis to allow for slower input rise and fall times. The X2-DFN1410 package occupies 1.4 mm ² of board space, allowing designers to use multiple parts to route multiple signals while the 0.5 mm lead pitch eases board assembly. This device is also available in SOT363 package.


The 74LVC1G3157DW-7 in SOT363 package is priced at $0.055 (3000); in the X2-DFN1410 package, pricing is $0.075 (5000).