Analogue/mixed-signal ICs implement anti-lock braking – in motorcycles

October 07, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
With a highly-integrated analogue approach, that Freescale presents as an innovative design that eliminates the need for heat sinking, this device is designed to enable smaller, lighter and more cost-effective braking control systems for motorcycles and scooters.

Freescale’s SB0400 and SB0401 are highly integrated ICs specifically engineered for motorcycle and scooter applications. By incorporating these 7 x 7 mm devices into their designs, manufacturers of electronic control units (ECUs) no longer have to rely on much larger ABS ICs developed for cars, leading to savings in cost, weight and space with advanced analogue parts.

The two-wheel SB0400 IC is designed for use with motorcycles, while the single-wheel SB0401 IC is intended for scooters and lighter motorcycles. Both products are leadless, and neither require bulky heat sinks, saving system cost and space. Using Freescale’s SMARTMOS analogue-mixed signal technology, the devices integrate an ABS system’s wheel speed sensor interface, valve drivers, motor pump driver, safety switch and safety state machine into the smallest package size available for motorcycle and/or scooter designs.

Freescale’s introduction of the products coincides with the forthcoming initial implementation of European Commission legislation mandating ABS for all new motorcycles above 125cc from 1 January 2016.

Compatible hardware and software between the two new ICs reduces system design efforts and enables easy implementation. Integrated hardware safety functions for protection/diagnostics include over-voltage (OV), under voltage (UV), over temperature, short and open load detection.