Analyse broadband and pulsed signals up to 85 GHz

July 10, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The R&S FSW85 is Rohde & Schwarz’ latest addition to its high-end signal and spectrum analysers, aimed at complex measurement tasks in the fields of automotive radar, 5G and other wireless communications standards or aerospace and defence.

R&S claims the FSW85 as the only signal and spectrum analyser that covers the frequency range from 2 Hz to 85 GHz in a single sweep. This makes it possible for users to test baseband and RF with a single analyser. Since no external harmonic mixers are required, the R&S FSW85 makes the test setup much simpler. An internal preselection suppresses the image frequency and other spurious emissions that commonly occur during harmonic mixing.

The FSW85 can be optionally equipped with an internal analysis bandwidth of 500 MHz, giving developers of radar components a variety of analysis options ‒ particularly for automotive and aerospace and defence applications. When combined with the R&S FSW-B2000 option and an R&S RTO oscilloscope, it is possible to achieve an analysis bandwidth of 2 GHz, allowing developers to analyse broadband signals for 5G next-generation mobile communications signals or complex pulse parameters and chirp signals for radar systems.

The R&S FSW85 employs touchscreen operation with clear diagrams and a flat menu structure. Various measurements can be displayed simultaneously in separate windows on the 31 cm (12 in.) screen to simplify interpretation of results.

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