App note; Water and power in the Internet of Everything

July 11, 2014 // By Kris Ardis, Maxim Integrated Products
An application note – perhaps better described as a discussion paper – posted by Maxim Integrated contrasts some of the hyperbole about the Internet of Things, with the realities of looking for a real return-on-investment from improved management of critical (and valuable) resources; here’s the abstract;

The Internet of Things (IoT) will change everything about everyday life, once every thing is connected to the Internet! The networked toaster will send analytics to your favorite Internet company to track your gluten intake! But is this really what we should expect from the proliferation of sensors and network technology? Is this what we really want? In fact, the IoT is already here, but in a limited capacity. The IoT will continue to roll out, but not all at once in a glorious deployment of silicon and services The IoT will emerge in limited phases, in places and tasks where more intelligent real-time management of resources will improve our lives in meaningful ways. In this case, What resources, we all ask, will benefit the most from added intelligence? And what sensors and technology can bring this information to the IoT? This article will discuss how two of our planet's most vital resources, electricity and water, stand the most to gain from a much more intelligent sensing network. We'll also show that the energy smart grid is already an active IoT, but really just the beginning.... Examples of the next waves in the IoT are already underway to help us manage these our precious resources better.

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