Appliance power supply reference design achieves “zero standby” power rating

March 21, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Power Integrations has a reference design for an 8W, universal-input auxiliary power supply that achieves zero standby power consumption, using the definition in the standard IEC 62301 Clause 4.5 that describes zero standby as ‘power dissipation below 5 mW’.

Based on a member of Power Integrations’ LinkZero-LP family of ICs, DER-417 describes a universal-input, 5V, 1600 mA flyback power supply that consumes less than 4 mW at 230 VAC and provides 1 mW of power in standby mode.

Edward Ong, product marketing manager for Power Integrations observes: “We are moving very close to the ultimate in standby power performance. By leveraging recent advances in low-power sensors and processors driven by the mobile-phone market, 1 mW of standby power is more than enough to operate functions such as a digital clock, environmental monitoring, wireless signal reception and infra-red activation. We think that DER-417 will inspire designers to implement zero-standby auxiliary power supplies for their products – leading to an overall reduction in wasted standby energy.”

DER-417 is downloadable free from the Power Integrations website at;