April, 2015 Forum will cover integration of AUTOSAR within MOST networks

April 01, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The MOST Cooperation – the standardisation organisation for the automotive multimedia network technology Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) - will present an implementation of MOST within the AUTOSAR framework at the upcoming MOST Forum on April 21, 2015 in Stuttgart/Esslingen (Germany).

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System Architecture, www.autosar.org) has developed a standardised open software architecture for automotive electronic control units and is increasingly being applied in traditional vehicle electronics domains. MOST, on the other hand, is an important standard for automotive infotainment. "MOST Technology is used to connect various domains in the vehicle, and is compatible with many different standards such as AUTOSAR," stated Dr. Wolfgang Bott, Technical Coordinator of the MOST Cooperation. "There are several cases where it is useful for MOST and AUTOSAR to interoperate."

A demonstrator will show a MOST/AUTOSAR gateway that connects the vehicle network with a MOST network using AUTOSAR mechanisms. In a second approach, the communication of two AUTOSAR applications is tunneled through a MOST network, either through the MOST Control Channel or over the MOST Ethernet Channel.

More information; www.ahlendorf-news.com/en/news/most-cooperation-20150331-most-autosar/

MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a multimedia networking technology optimised for use in cars and other applications. It enables the transport of high Quality of Service audio and video together with packet data and real-time control over a single transmission medium. MOST can use plastic optical fibres (POF), coax based electrical physical layer, and shielded and unshielded twisted pair (STP/UTP) copper wires that meet automotive environmental requirements. Today, over 175 car models use MOST as the communication backbone for their information and entertainment equipment.

The MOST Cooperation (MOSTCO) is the organisation through which MOST Technology is standardised and refined so that it continues to stay abreast of the latest industry requirements. Today, it consists of 17 international carmakers and over 55 key component suppliers. The MOST Cooperation is prepared to embrace efforts to further develop and standardise the technology for other industries and to establish the corresponding work structures. The MOST Cooperation was founded in 1998 to standardise MOST Technology as a global standard for multimedia networking. Audi, BMW, Daimler, HARMAN and Microchip Technology are its core partners and constitute its Steering Committee.