ArcCore’s Arctic Studio/Core 9.0.0 tools for Autosar add performance, checks and support

July 30, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
ArcCore is an independent software company specialising in AUTOSAR solutions; its Development Suite 9.0.0 includes new versions of the embedded development tool chain Arctic Studio and Arctic Core, the leading basic software embedded platform for automotive.

The latest release comes with optimised RTE performance, further improved MISRA-Checks, support for the J1939Tp communication protocol for heavy vehicles and support for Renesas’ RH850 family.

The optimised RTE performance of the new version of Arctic Studio and Arctic Core leads to a reduced CPU load and memory usage. Developers gain better performance and lower consumption of resources without making compromises when it comes to abstraction and reusability. Improved MISRA checks and code coverage measurements in release 9.0.0 enable developers to achieve better code quality.

Support is added for the RH850/F1H MCU, and more devices from the RH850 family will be added to further simplify the application design for gateway, body control module and HVAC. The development suite now supports the J1939Tp communication protocols for heavy vehicles.

Arctic Studio is a complete embedded software development environment running on Windows 7.0 or 8.x for designing automotive embedded software based on AUTOSAR. The Arctic Core embedded platform includes a complete set of features for building an Electronic Control Unit for the automotive market.

Arctic Studio and Arctic Core 9.0.0 are available for download at