Arditi presents high-performance LED modules along with suitable drivers

September 27, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Italian Lighting company Arditi Spa has introduced three LED high-performance LED modules with high CRI and efficiency. Two of the three modules contain four respectively twelve diodes in a linear shape, while the third module has four diodes arranged in a square. All modules achieve a colour rendering value (CRI) of 85 with a colour temperature of 3,000K. While both of the four LED modules offer remarkable 395 lumens at 4.4 watts, the twelve diodes unit realizes 453 lumens at 4.7 watts.

For their balanced light colour and emission profile, the modules can be used for any possible light application, the company said. Thanks to the broadly emitted light field, common lighting applications are no problem for the new modules. The new component shapes as stripe and square as well as the presented screw openings allow an easy assembly.

In order to expand the application possibilities for LED technology even further, Arditi has developed two LED drivers that excel through their height of just 14 to 16 mm. The modules feature voltage control and are available in two shapes. The long shape is 16 mm high and thanks to its width of barely 31 mm is very suitable for use in long and narrow spaces. The flat shape features very compact measurements as well with its low height of 14 mm, a width of 50 mm and a length of 154 mm.

The new drivers are suited for LED modules with SMD LEDs as well as modules with high performance LED with power control loop. The LED modules are connected parallel to each other. Both new models are available in a 12 and a 24 volt version. They feature protection function against overheating, capacity overloading, short circuit and overvoltage. The screw terminals with clamp access cover and strain relief provide a safe assembly. All new products have been approved by all common international certificates.

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