Arduino-compatible module links to Bluetooth LE devices

January 17, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Available from distributor Rutronik, the RFduino is the smallest stand-alone computer with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy, AD-converter and GPIOs: it is based on the nRF51822 Bluetooth system-chip from Nordic Semiconductor. RFduino can be equipped with various shields.

RFduino is an Arduino-compatible board that can communicate wirelessly with Bluetooth v4.0 compatible smartphones and tablets. The board includes a 2.4GHz Bluetooth module, the RFD22301, which could also be used for production series after prototyping with Rfduino.


The board contains a 2,4GHz transceiver, which can switch between Bluetooth Low Energy, Gazell and ShockBurst, as well as 256 kB Flash, a 32-bit Cortex-M0 core and I/O periphery. Rutronik offers a series of RFduino Development Kits.

Operating system and radio stack can be implemented from Arduino sources, or software from Nordic Semiconductor can be used. With a broad range of shields (plug-in function expansion) a prototype can quickly be put together.