Arduino-compatible multi-sensor evaluation kit, from Rohm

January 06, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
This kit is intended to assist in building a sensor environment for prototyping and initial set development; ROHM Semconductors’ expansion board comes equipped with seven sensors (accelerometer, barometric pressure, magnetic field), and is designed for use with existing open-source prototyping platforms such as Arduino and mbed.

The SensorShield-EVK-001 evaluation kit consists of an open-source expansion board (shield) with multiple sensors developed by the ROHM Group. Connect the sensor shield to an existing open-source MCU-based platform such as Arduino Uno and incorporate software to measure acceleration, temperature, and other physical quantities and conditions. The kit allows immediate verification of sensor operation and facilitates the design of sensor devices, reducing the level of effort required, in both hardware and software design.


More information on the sensor shield and additional resources, such as documents (circuit diagrams, and manuals) and software (sample code (Arduino Uno, mbed)) are downloadable from;