ARM brings IP configuration and integration functions in-house with company purchase

May 30, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
ARM is to Acquire Duolog Technologies (headquartered in Dublin, Ireland), to, “strengthen its IP configuration and integration capability and address increasing SoC complexity”.

IP providers are under increasing pressure to deliver not only the function set that their code provides, but at least a part of the support needed – in any SoC design – to configure the IP, adjust its parameters, tune its interfaces and, in general, get it to work harmoniously with the other functional block on a large chip.

Duolog Technologies is active in design configuration and integration technology for the semiconductor industry. ARM says its acquisition will expand ARM's position at the forefront of deploying complex system IP including debug and trace IP, and will help ARM partners design and deploy system IP and manage increasing SoC integration complexity.

The agreement will extend ARM's market reach for ARM CoreLink Interconnect and Controllers and CoreSight debug and trace roadmaps across mobile, enterprise and IoT markets. Additionally ARM will extend the use of Duolog Socrates within its own sub-system design flow.

Duolog's Socrates platform configures IP in a standardised way for importing into EDA tools to perform tasks such as sub-system functional verification and validation. Over the last 10 years Socrates has been used for over 100 successful tape-outs. ARM will continue to support Duolog's Socrates licensee base.