ARM flags latest CoreSight IP as ‘future of debug and trace’

March 10, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
ARM has posted initial information on CoreSight SoC-600, its next-generation debug and trace solution. This new technology offers debug and trace over functional interfaces such as USB, PCIe or wireless, reducing the need for hardware debug probes while increasing data throughput.

Designers can now get to the root of the problem faster, reducing iterations, risk and TTM. Furthermore, it also offers OEMs and developers unmatched system visibility across a device’s lifetime.


Historically, ARM comments, SoC debug and trace has depended on dedicated and standardized external interfaces to provide device access to external debuggers, most notably via JTAG (IEEE-1149.1) and Serial Wire Debug. But relying on these interfaces limits the availability and accessibility of debug features to the early stages of the product lifecycle, as these connections are rarely accessible in finished products.


To remove dependencies on such standards, CoreSight SoC-600 implements the latest ARM debug and trace architecture, which provides developers with high-throughput trace and infield debug accessibility, via existing functional interfaces.


CoreSight SoC-600 promises a complete end-to-end solution for SoC designers, who will be able to access co-developed IP and tooling for maximum productivity in the design phase; and developers, who will get ease of debug access suing readily available, validated SW drivers and debug tools.


CoreSight SoC-600 has been designed in close collaboration with the ARM IP portfolio, DS-5 Development Studio and the ARM tools ecosystem.


ARM says it has already licensed CoreSight SoC-600 to STMicroelectronics, to , “significantly increase debug and trace output bandwidth in next-generation automotive microcontrollers -- especially for powertrain, advanced stability control, and ADAS.”


On the debug side, Stephan Lauterbach, general manager of Lauterbach GmbH, is quoted as saying,

“The combined effects of increasingly complex SoC design and rising demand for better system visibility have increased the market need for debug and trace over multi-gigabit links. With the addition of ARM CoreSight SoC-600, our debug and trace tools can now support developers in remotely debugging and analysing their firmware in the field, significantly reducing TCO and enabling new remote based services.”


Early access to CoreSight SoC-600 is available for lead partners now. ARM will demonstrate CoreSight SoC-600 and