ARM updates tool suite to trim SoC integration phase

June 05, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
A revised release of ARM’s IP Tooling Suite is claimed to reduce SoC integration time from months to days. “Socrates DE” is aids rapid IP configuration and SoC assembly; “CoreSight Creator” and “CoreLink Creator” enable fast configurations of debug and trace IP and system interconnect IP; and “CoreLink NIC-450” provides network interconnect to be deployed with CoreLink Creator.

With the objective of allowing SoC designers to configure, create and assemble IP-based systems over the course of days rather than months, the IP tooling suite comprises Socrates DE, CoreSight Creator and CoreLink Creator. Additionally, CoreLink Creator will easily configure and help implement the new CoreLink NIC-450 Network Interconnect, the follow-on to the widely-adopted CoreLink NIC-400.

The new suite addresses, ARM says, the most complex challenges associated with SoC configurability and assembly. Examples of efficiency gains include:

  1. An 8x improvement in assembly schedule – based on project metrics from an ARM project to build a 64-bit ARM big.LITTLE reference platform;
  2. Configuration of an ARM Cortex-A72 processor in seconds;
  3. Effortless management of 100,000+ lines of connection metadata per IP.

Socrates DE delivers what ARM sees as its most advanced IP design environment to date, offering configuration, creation and assembly of ARM and third-party IP. Socrates DE equips architects and designers with a wide range of capabilities:

  1. The same design environment used within ARM;
  2. Built-in ARM design knowledge such as ARM AMBA protocols;
  3. A platform to standardise any IP into the industry-standard IP-XACT format;
  4. A built-in IP catalogue supporting ARM and third-party IP;
  5. The ability to differentiate on top of ARM IP while maintaining design integrity.