Asset InterTech buys Arium to add software debug/trace to embedded instrumentation

July 10, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
With the aim of increasing visibility into complex system development, Arium’s Intel and ARM hardware-assisted debug tools will be integrated into ASSET’s ScanWorks platform for debug, validation and test.

Asset InterTech, supplier of tools for embedded instrumentation, has acquired Arium, provider of software debug tools for systems based on Intel and ARM processors. Arium’s debug tools will be integrated into ASSET’s ScanWorks platform for debug, validation and test, making it the most powerful and comprehensive non-intrusive toolset for chip and circuit board designers, manufacturing test engineers and troubleshooting, the two companies said.

In the context of complex embedded designs, users are encountering multiple processors, more firmware and high-speed buses, and visibility [without embedded instrumentation] is becoming more and more difficult, Asset says; the Arium addition brings software debug and trace to its offering. Alluding to Intel's Silicon View technology, Asset notes that it has been built on three core sections; Platform debug, electrical validation and manufacturing test. Arium has addressed the former, while Asset has catered for the second and third elements; the combined product set will form a complete toolchain.

“Arium has a long history – 35 years in fact – of developing innovative JTAG-based debug and trace tools for that layer of software between the operating system and the underlying hardware,” said Glenn Woppman, president and CEO of Asset InterTech. “Of course, faster software debug on prototypes of circuit board designs is crucial for moving designs into manufacturing sooner and accelerating new product introductions, but there is more to this beyond the tools themselves. By combining the expertise of our two organisations we are going to be able to help engineers solve a broader spectrum of problems with the kinds of non-intrusive methodologies that are best suited to today’s technology; methodologies that work from the inside out, not from the outside in.”

Arium’s software debug and trace capabilities complement the ScanWorks platform’s ability to access, manage and control test and measurement instruments embedded in chips. The expanding number of processing cores as well as the integration of more and more resources into system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices is causing