Atmel acquisition teams with Celeno on WiFi Direct remote controls

January 09, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
After acquiring a WiFi technology company last month, Atmel has teamed up with a potential competitor to take on Zigbee for WiFi wireless remote controls in the home.

It has worked with WiFi chip company Celeno Communications on an integrated reference design for Wi-Fi Direct remote controls intended for next-generation set-top box and video gateway platforms.
The design uses Celeno’s video grade Wi-Fi chipset integrated in the set-top box and video gateway for whole-home HD video streaming to multiple devices. In addition to robust Internet connectivity, Celeno now simultaneously provide a connection to the Atmel-based remote control.
The Atmel ultra-low power Wi-Fi Direct technology, acquired through its acquisition of Ozmo Devices at the end of last year that eliminates the need to add additional radio technologies to the host platform. Atmel Wi-Fi Direct claims to have the industry’s best power consumption, resulting in better battery life for devices using this technology, although this is challenged directly by Zigbee R4CE suppliers. Palo Alto-based Ozmo, founded in 2004 as H-Stream Wireless, has a UK software development center in Ely outside Cambridge.
Universal Electronics, an early adopter of Wi-Fi Direct, will be showing their new demonstration platform LEAF remote control at CES this year. UEI Leaf offers high data rate, low latency and ultra-low power by using Atmel's Wi-Fi Direct RF technology to deliver features such as voice-based user recognition, voice search and motion control in a small form factor with very low power requirements and minimal integration compared to other RF technology choices.
“LEAF offers an enriched user experience, enabling new feature-rich interactive user interfaces, content browsing, motion-based navigation, voice search and gaming,” said Ramzi Ammari, Vice President of Global Product Planning & Strategy, Universal Electronics, the global leader in wireless control technology for the connected home. “The STB’s Wi-Fi is expected to serve as the centerpiece for in-home Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct ecosystems, linking all sorts of peripherals, including smartphones, game controllers, microphones, keyboards, headphones, speakers and, of course, the remote control.”
“The use of the Atmel Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct technology for connecting to peripheral devices, such as