Atmel adds Intel EPID security tech to its IoT wireless platforms

August 20, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Atmel is working with with Intel on increased security for Internet of Things (IoT) applications; Atmel will support Intel Enhanced Privacy ID (Intel EPID) technology on all its SmartConnect wireless solutions to improve secure cloud provisioning—the mutual authentication of the IoT node with the cloud.

Atmel’s IoT solutions combine Atmel | SMART MCUs along with its SmartConnect wireless technologies ranging from Wi-Fi, 802.15.4 and Bluetooth, and Atmel secure products. With this announcement developers using Atmel wireless solutions have the option to use the Intel EPID identification standard.

Intel EPID is an ISO standard for identity and privacy that has been shipping in Intel platforms since 2011. The technology delivers a hardware root of trust and is PKI compatible. With Intel EPID, devices can be identified and a secure communication can be linked between these devices. Additionally, the group membership can be determined without revealing the identity of the specific platform allowing for another level of security. Intel EPID can dynamically assign and revoke group memberships by individuals. The technology meets the latest protected key delivery requirements for content and data protection protocols.

“With the rapidly growing IoT ecosystem, security is key, and Intel EPID is a proven secure technology that can provide the billions of devices in this new market with a common security foundation. By implementing Intel EPID technology, Atmel is enabling a more secure, seamless IoT platform,” said, Lori Wigle, General Manager, IoT Security for Intel Corporation.

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