Atmel updates touch devices in touch, moisture and hover performance

June 03, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Supporting touchscreens from 1.2 in. to 10.1 in. for wearables, super phones and tablets, Atmel’s maXTouch U series of touchscreen controllers gains variants that the company says enable virtually any touchscreen to deliver superior touch performance and ultra-low power in various form factors.

Six devices expand the maXTouch U series, using Atmel’s picoPower technology. Designers can build innovative thin and flexible touchscreen designs using single layer, on-cell and hybrid in-cell touchscreens with intelligent wake-up gestures and buttons. Atmel claims to be the only supplier to provide a single platform to support touchscreens for applications ranging from wearables to entry-level smartphones, super phones and tablets on a full range of stack-ups including on-cell and hybrid in-cell.

Atmel sees a need for touchscreens with extremely high touch performance, ultra-low power and more sophisticated industrial designs with thinner screens. Anticipated growth of the wearables market has created a demand for extremely small touchscreen controllers with ultra-low power consumption in tiny packaging. Atmel addresses this demand with devices in its maXTouch U series packaged in a 2.5 x 2.6mm wafer-level chip scale package (WLCSP).

The portfolio of devices support differentiated features for a variety of touchscreen applications including 1.0 mm passive stylus, water rejection with stylus operation, multi-finger glove touch, up to 20 mm hover and ultra-low power modes down to 10 µW in deep sleep for wearable applications.

The six new maXTouch U devices comprise:

- mXT735U for the entry level tablet delivering robust moisture support and excellent noise immunity for touchscreens up to 10.1 in.

- mXT640U supports touchscreens up to 6 in. This device supports 1 mm passive stylus support and thin stack support including 0.4 mm cover lens for GFF stack, up to 25 mm hover detection and moisture resistance.

- mXT416U delivers extremely high touch performance including 2.5 mm passive stylus, moisture support, noise immunity and up to 30 mm large finger touch detection.

- mXT336U is targeted for mid-range smartphone applications, delivering a balance between performance and form factor.

- mXT308U is targeted for low-end smartphone applications emphasising simplicity and robustness.

- mXT144U is designed specifically for wearable applications. The mXT144U features picoPower with 10 µW in deep sleep mode and