Audio codec allows voice-activated functions with low, always-on power levels

March 13, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Dialog’s DA7212 audio codec has low always-on power consumption (650 µW) which can extend the battery life of portable devices – including new ‘wearables’ such as smart watches and connected fitness devices

Voice-trigger activated applications are feasible with the 24 bit audio codec that supports digital or analogue MEMS microphones and offers a number of DSP features including ALC, 5 band EQ and noise gate. Dialog’s designed the DA7212 audio codec designed with a novel footprint for cost effective PCB manufacturing; it meets needs of ‘Wearables’ market with Hi-Fi quality audio at low power levels.

The 650µW always-on mode enables constant tracking and instant recognition of voice commands. It also integrates an enhanced hybrid Automatic Level Control (ALC) that offers faster reaction times and finer gain resolution to maintain a consistent audio quality level when recording.

The DA7212 also has an integrated beep generator for DTMF keypad tone generation and a speaker amplifier that can drive up to 1.2W. The advanced start-up controller has been designed to offer seamless audio transitions, silent volume ramping and effective pop and click suppression. It comes in a 34 bump WLCSP package that has a novel, staggered ball-out conducive for cost effective PCB manufacturing. You can design an audio codec, Dialog claims, that not only consumes less power but also requires a footprint of less than 7.5 mm 2.

The DA7212 comes in a 34 bump WLCSP package with a 0.5 mm pitch and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. It is available for the Arduino Development Platform as a new peripheral module delivering Hi-Fi sound quality at lower power levels.

This audio module (ARD-AUDIO-DA7212) can be downloaded from the Dialog website.

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