Audio engines combine with high-performance MEMS microphones for feature-rich sound

February 21, 2013 // By Julien Happich
STMicroelectronics together with Soundchip, has introduced two High Definition Personal Audio (HD-PA) audio engines, STANC0 and STANC1, and an HD-PA microphone, the MP34AB01H, which enable the creation of feature-rich, software-controlled smart audio accessories.

The STANC0 and STANC1 HD-PA audio engines are designed to regulate the sound performance of over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headsets. Designed for stereo and monaural applications respectively, STANC0 and STANC1 incorporate Soundchip's patented Soundcore R3 electronics, which implement a patented hybrid analogue-digital architecture that is capable of processing sound at zero-latency with an unmatched 100 dB of dynamic range.

STANC0 and STANC1 incorporate the means to deploy powerful digitally configurable feedback and feed-forward active noise cancellation (ANC) processing for the removal of unwanted environmental noise, as well as digitally controlled binaural monitoring to provide natural, open ear listening with comfortable, occlusion-free speech.

Unlike competitor’s products, which configure active noise cancelling filters through the selection and placement of hundreds of passive components around a “noise cancelling” op-amp, STANC0 and STANC1 integrate these filters on-chip. Filter and device settings may be programmed digitally to optimize their performance with connected acoustics or configured in real-time by a complementary DSP, such as the STM32 F4, to enable exciting new features such as auto-active noise cancellation and augmented reality. The chips are supplied in a 4.5x4.5mm LF-BGA package. The MP34AB01 is a compact 3.76x2.95mm analogue, bottom-port, HD-PA-compliant MEMS silicon microphone designed specifically to be combined with STMicroelectronics’ HD-PA audio engines. Featuring a flat audio response between 20Hz and 20kHz, market-leading 66dB SNR, zero-latency output, and surface-mount assembly, the MP34AB01H provides an accurate and reliable measure of in-ear and ambient sound conditions necessary for the effective operation of feedback and feed-forward active noise cancelling. HD-PA components are supported by a comprehensive suite of Soundstation computer-aided-design and manufacturing tools, which simplify product development and significantly improve manufacturing reliability.

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