Automation PLCs borrow from Arduino format; Controllino – in distribution

August 13, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Conrad Business Supplies has the first “Controllino” programmable logic controllers that it says are based on the ARDUINO platform’s conventions; three flexible PLCs are designed for a variety of automation tasks

Distributor Conrad is sourcing these PLCs from Controllino, a subsidiary of Austrian manufacturer SG-Tronic GmbH, for use in a variety of automation applications, including temperature management, advanced lighting and media control.

The range comprises three models: the Mini, Maxi and Mega, each of which is aimed at meeting different levels of application requirement and complexity. All models, developed and implemented using the ARDUINO open source platform, are based on the ATmega microcontroller from Atmel and have a clock speed of 16 MHz. Features include a direct processor contact with 4000V ESD protection across all pins, a range of interfaces including SPI, I ²C, RS232, RS485, and an internal real-time clock (RTC) which can be switched on and off. A front-panel USB port supports simplified external programming.

The Controllino Mini offers a variety of inputs and outputs (6x relay outputs, 8x analogue/digital inputs and 8x digital outputs) in a package measuring 94.5 x 59.4 x 36 mm. The Maxi offers greater flexibility (10x relays outputs, 12x analogue/digital inputs and 12x digital outputs) with the addition of an Ethernet connector and a second RS232 Interface.

The highest specification unit is the Controllino Mega, which is a capable of handling a current of up to 30A and offers 16x relay outputs, 24x analogue/digital inputs, 12x high side switch digital outputs and a further twelve half-bridge digital outputs.