Automotive diodes step up avalanche ratings

July 25, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Diodes Inc. has introduced a family of its Super Barrier Rectifiers (SBR) qualified to the AECQ101 high-reliability automotive standard and backed by PPAP level 3 documentation.

The parts are 100% avalanche tested and proven to deliver a reverse-avalanche capability of between three to ten times greater than competing Schottky alternatives. Due to the SBR’s structure, its high-reverse avalanche performance ensures greater guardbanding against negative spikes and inductive load surges, raising the ruggedness and reliability of automotive products. In a typical single-pulse avalanche test, avalanche energy measurements for Schottky and SBR devices were respectively 7 mJ and 70 mJ for the same circuit conditions.

Offering current ratings up to 60A and reverse voltage ratings up to 100V, the SBR ‘Q’ portfolio is also characterised by significantly lower reverse leakage current at higher temperatures, helping to minimise circuit losses and increasing protection against thermal runaway.

The SBR forward voltage drop is also lower than that of the Schottky, meaning conduction losses are less and overall efficiency is improved in common reverse-polarity protection and freewheeling diode circuits. The automotive-qualified SBRs cost from $0.15 (3000).

Diodes Inc.;