Automotive MCU is built on 55nm automotive-specific semiconductor platform

June 05, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
In a recent announcement, Scaleo chip has positioned itself as the first fabless company to introduce an automotive microcontroller manufactured with the GlobalFoundries 55nm automotive-specific advanced semiconductor manufacturing platform.

Scaleo chip is a fabless semiconductor company in automotive electronics for powertrain, body control and driver-information; it has used the GlobalFoundries 55nm eFlash NVM Platform to develop a new family of microcontrollers embedding technologies specifically related to real-time process and control of highly electrified internal combustion engines and electric motors based on programmable logic (AMEC), as well as a set of ISO 26262 compliant functional safety features which improve powertrain system safety integrity and accuracy (SILant).

GlobalFoundries developed the optimised semiconductor manufacturing platform to specifically meet the stringent and evolving needs of the automotive industry. Built on the company's 55nm Low Power process and AEC-Q100 Group D qualified, the platform supports the implementation of non-volatile memory (NVM) in MCUs and SoC designs, as well as best-in-class, automotive grade SST-based embedded flash technology.

Powertrain applications are one of the fastest growing sub-segments and car manufacturers require more integrated, powerful and complex electronic systems to address both the stringent ISO 26262 functional safety standard along with mandatory reduction of emissions and fuel consumption.

OLEA microcontroller silicon samples are already available for selected customers. Demonstration of the first plug-in, full hybrid demonstration car powered by OLEA microcontrollers will be available shortly.

Scaleo chip: