Automotive-qualified high-speed, low-side driver family increases efficiency

August 20, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
This family of parts from Fairchild provides 1A to 9A current handling with simplified designs.

Automotive applications using power MOSFETs require gate drivers with high peak drive current and low output impedance. The FAN31xx_F085 and FAN32xx_F085 series of high-speed, low-side automotive qualified gate drivers from Fairchild Semiconductor offer flexibility for power supply and other high-efficiency MOSFET switching applications, providing a wide selection of feature and performance combinations to create compact, highly efficient and reliable designs.

These AEC-Q100 qualified drivers are available in an SO8 package with a choice of TTL or CMOS input thresholds. The drivers have two inputs for each channel (either Dual-input (+ and – logic), Inverting and Enable, or Non-inverting and Enable) offering design flexibility. Features include;

- Qualified to AEC-Q100 requirements (shown by flow code "_F085")

- Compound MillerDrive architecture for strong gate drive

- Short and well-controlled time delays (under 20 nsec propagation delays for above 1 MHz switching) allows paralleling drivers, and optimising drive timing to maximise efficiency

- Fail-safe inputs: output held low if no input signal is present

- 20V Abs max, over 4kV ESD withstand, and over 500mA reverse current

The devices cost $0.98, $1.10 and $1.33, respectively (1000).

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