Automotive-spec ESD/surge-protector

September 30, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Diodes Inc. has an automotive-quality graded ESD and surge protector offering improved protection, greater reliability and easier inspection during manufacturing compared to Zener-based and varistor devices.

Protecting CAN and LIN two-wire communications busses in vehicles, the D24V0L1B2LPSQ is a low-capacitance, 15 pF device with 0.2Ω dynamic resistance that provides sharper triggering than Zener diodes or varistors.

The tiny DFN1006-S-packaged automotive-grade component (AECQ101-qualified, supported by PPAP traceability) is also the first of its type to feature sidewall plating, sometimes known as 'wettable flanks'. This means that the package sidewall is tin plated, allowing a solder fillet to be formed. The solder fillet can then be optically inspected, eliminating the need for slow and expensive X-ray inspection during PCB assembly. The DFN1006-S package footprint is compatible with that of the SOD923 package.

With a rated standoff voltage of 24V, the D24V0L1B2LPSQ will withstand air discharge and contact electrostatic discharges of up to 30k V, far exceeding the requirements of the IEC61000-4-2 standard. They cost $0.10 (3000).