Automotive-spec packet switches support in-car PCIe

February 19, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Diodes Inc has previewed components in several functional categories, that it will highlight in a release timed to coincide with the embedded world trade show2017 (March 14th)

The automotive-compliant solutions include parts believed to be the first unidirectional 1800W automotive-compliant transient voltage suppressors; 40V and 60V dual, co-packaged enhancement mode MOSFETs that are also qualified for automotive applications; and, from the company's Pericom connectivity product line, the “first and only” automotive, AEC-Q100 grade, PCIe packet switches.


Vehicle telematics and infotainment systems need connectivity that meets the latest communication standards and assures automotive reliability. Packet switches that are automotive-qualified to AEC-Q100 grade 3, two members of Diodes' PI7C9X2G PCI Express 2.0 family provide 3-port/4-lane and 4-port/4-lane configurations. For non-automotive applications, such as embedded, networking and storage, Diodes is also introducing 9-port/12-lane and 16-port/16-lane versions. The automotive versions of these packet switches also have an integrated clock buffer to ease design and lower BOM cost, and feature advanced power management and support hot-plug operation.


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