AUTOSAR embedded toolchain updated

October 15, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
ArcCore has launched a series of products compliant with the industry-standard AUTOSAR’s latest version 4.x. Included is a completely new version of the embedded development tool chain Arctic Studio.

Arctic Studio now has a role-based licensing model supporting Application developers and Integrators and Platform Developers. The new tool chain incorporates all features of Arctic Studio for AUTOSAR v3.1 and adds all the major enhancements in the AUTOSAR v4.x standard.

Included in the product launch is a new version of Arctic Core - the leading open source Basic Software embedded platform for automotive. Arctic Core for AUTOSAR 4.x includes all important new major features in the new version of the standard. The dual-licensing model offers an Open Source model for trials and evaluation and a commercial model for prototyping and mass-production.

AUTOSAR is already an established standard in the automotive market and many leading companies are now gaining benefits from increased productivity, improved quality and faster time-to-market by the use of AUTOSAR and ArcCore products. ArcCore’s new series of products continue to offer a low entry hurdle into the AUTOSAR world for any project scaling from research to mass-production.

ArcCore is an independent Swedish software company providing AUTOSAR solutions to the global automotive market. ArcCore has a business model supporting all stages in the software development process providing both open source and commercial license terms.