Aviacomm to collaborate with Toshiba to jointly develop radio over fiber remote base stations

December 03, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Leading wideband RFIC vendor Aviacomm Inc., and Toshiba Corporation have announced that the two companies will work together in development and integration of Aviacomm's smart analog technology into the Toshiba remote base station product line.

With the drive towards smaller cells being fueled by capacity concerns overtaking coverage as the primary requirement for 3G and 4G networks, multiple architectural approaches are being offered to the market. The Toshiba ROF Remote BTS approach allows consolidation of the core network processing into a central location, while delivering the radio signal over fiber to remote digital radio heads. With this approach installation of additional network radios can be accomplished with minimal site preparation and a short amount of time.

This architectural approach requires performance typical of a macro BTS at a cost commensurate with small cells. After months of extensive testing Toshiba has qualified the Aviacomm ARF technology and has agreed to move forward with joint development and integration of the ARF series into the Toshiba ROF solution. Toshiba conducted an exhaustive evaluation, and only Aviacomm was able to meet the stringent specifications in a small CMOS RFIC.

The ARF performance and wideband programmability can be sampled today in the ARF1010EX evaluation kit.