Babolat and Movea introduce MEMS motion sensing into tennis racquets

June 04, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Technology partners for the next generation of tennis racquets, Babolat and Movea have teamed up to provide tennis players with motion sensing enabled racquet to analyse game play and improve performance.

The tennis equipment manufacturer Babolat will commercialize the “Babolat Play & Connect” racquet as the first-ever MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology enabled racquet with the built-in ability to gather and analyse game data and provide information that could only be manually estimated until now. The “Babolat Play & Connect” racquet will leverage Movea's integrated SmartMotion data fusion technology to measure specific elements of a player’s technique, enabling new opportunities for performance analysis, improvement and social results sharing.

The integrated sensors will enable the measurement and analysis of game play for elements, such as stroke qualification, ball spin, ball position on string bed, power during play, service speed, etc.

The data is transferred via WiFi to a Babolat mobile app, which players or coaches can use on a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone to view their personalized results. With this information, players and instructors will be able to set goals and follow progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis using the acquired data. What’s more, the connected racquet lets players post their game play data on their preferred social networks to encourage themselves, challenge their friends and seek tips and advice from friends, instructors, amateur and pro players.

Babolat unveiled and demonstrated the first “Babolat Play & Connect” racquet prototype at the Roland-Garros French Open in Paris and is expecting to launch this new product in 2013.

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