Backplane connector system proves 56 Gb/sec electrical transmission

January 30, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Using duobinary encoding of the signals, FCI has announced that it has demonstrated successful error-free transmission at a data rate of 56 Gb/sec over a channel including its ExaMAX High Speed Backplane Connector.

The 56 Gb/sec ExaMAX system uses a revolutionary beam-on-beam contact interface that minimises the residual stub for improved signal integrity performance compared to typical blade-on-beam contact structure, providing low mating force while maintaining excellent contact normal force. FCI says that ExaMAX combines speed, signal integrity performance, and low crosstalk while eliminating insertion loss resonances.

The 56Gb/s ExaMAX connector is aimed at applications in for hubs, switches, routers, optical transport servers, external storage systems, super computers and emulation equipment.