Balanced-armature audio receivers for hearing-aid designs

October 30, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Providing audio OEMs with greatest space savings and superior acoustic performance, Molex says that its Balanced Armature Audio Receivers are ideal for hearing-aids market. [Editor's note; in hearing-aid-design parlance, the “receiver” is the sound output transducer.]

Measuring 80mm 3, the receivers provide up to 20% space savings versus similar competitive products and up to 75% conpared to dynamic receivers. The technology also offers substantially more sound output per unit size and cleaner mid-range sound compared to dynamic-style receivers, Molex claims.

The balanced armature receivers are customisable, allowing OEMs to adjust impedance or other specifications to meet specific requirements. Besides applications in hearing aids, balanced armatures can be used for Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management (CRDM) devices where they can also more efficiently transform energy into sound, helping to save or extend battery life. In addition to hearing aids, the technology is ideal for the premium in-ear earphone market where manufacturers are looking to design higher-performing, smaller and more attractively-designed earphones.