BB Electronik is named Trojan Battery’s master distributor for Serbia and Montenegro

January 31, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Trojan Battery Co., has partnered with BB Electronik d.o.o. as part of Trojan’s strategy to expand the manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries’ presence in eastern Europe.

As Trojan’s authorized master distributor in the region, BB Electronik will be responsible for distributing and servicing Trojan products throughout Serbia and Montenegro.

“Trojan’s partnership with BB Electronik enables us to provide customers in eastern Europe a wide range of advanced battery products, outstanding local service and technical support, as well as comprehensive training resources,” said Mat Segal, senior vice president of global business development.  “By working closely with local distributors such as BB Electronik, Trojan continues its ongoing international expansion strategy to provide high-performance batteries that optimize the operation of our customers’ equipment and applications.”

BB Electronik is a leading supplier of battery products throughout eastern Europe and offers Trojan’s complete line of deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel batteries.  The company maintains an extensive stock of Trojan battery models ensuring product availability and rapid delivery to meet immediate customer needs.

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