BeagleCore: an embedded industrial/IoT computing module, in distribution

August 26, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Conrad Business Services has added an open-source module and starter kit based on the BeagleBone Black, as a rapid development tool

The result of an agreement between Conrad (Hirschau, Germany) and BeagleCore, the BCM1 embedded computing module and BCS1 starter-kit will be exclusively available to Conrad’s customers world-wide. Heavily based on the BeagleBone development board, these devices provide small, simple and powerful building blocks for creating and testing new technologies for industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Conrad offers them as suited for professional and industrial embedded solutions.

The BeagleCore BCM1 is a computer module for industrial or commercial applications that incorporates the core features of BeagleBone Black on a stamp-sized soldering-module (LGA). Thus, it can be integrated into custom PCBs, introducing new opportunities for developers of professional hardware solutions.


The BeagleCore BCS1 starter-kit serves as a quick start development platform and combines the BCM1 computer module with a standardized baseboard to provide the expansion and connection opportunities needed to develop Internet of Things (IoT) or embedded industrial projects. The layout is compatible with BeagleBone Black capes and peripherals.


Shawn Silberhorn, Supplier Business Development Manager at Conrad Technology Centrum (CTC) commented: “We knew through talking to our customers in industry and production that there was a distinct demand for these types of products.”


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