Beam-forming LED modules add beam width options

November 24, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Plessey has extended its range of Orion LED modules based on its Stellar beam forming technology, with new beam angles opening the technology to a wider range of applications in industrial and architectural lighting design.

Orion LED Beam Forming Modules deliver a compact 3000 lumen beam from a module which can be as little as 5.6 mm thick, less than one-tenth the thickness of standard alternatives. The recently launched PLWS3000 25° FWHM beam angle module has now been joined by modules with 15° and 50° beam angles. All modules in the family share a common 82 mm diameter, allowing lighting designers to simply and easily substitute modules to create a family of compact luminaires suitable for a wide range of lighting applications.


At the same time, Plessey announced plans to release Orion-Mini, a 45 mm diameter version offering 10° and sub-1000 lumen beam, early in 2017. The Orion-Mini will share the slim profile of the full size module, but will be offered in a format suitable for design into small form-factor downlights, spotlights and architectural lights as a replacement for GU10, MR16 and similar lights.


The Orion family of modules is offered in three colour temperatures: warm white, neutral white and cool white. The modules have a luminous efficiency of over 100 lumens/Watt, feature an improved light uniformity and excellent thermal performance.