Bend me, shape me; test cables remain phase stable under flexure

February 08, 2016 // By Paul Buckley
P1dB has released a series of test cables that are phase-stable under continuous flexure.  The test cables are built using P1dB’s 195TM coaxial cable, which has been designed and tested to be phase stable under 50,000 flexure cycles.

The P1dB Test Cables are also constructed using specialised stainless steel connectors that are designed for high retention and stability under more than 5,000 mating cycles.  These RF test cables are further enhanced using durable booting that extends the life of the cable assemblies.

P1dB’s new test cables are available with N, TNC, BNC, 18 GHz SMA and 26.5 GHz SMA connectors.  Other connectors are available upon request.