Bit-error measurements on 32 sync’d channels handles 1 Tbit/sec transmissions

September 12, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
With an upgrade to its MP1800A signal quality analyser Anritsu has added a 32-channel synchronisation function for 32 Gbit/sec data signals, enabling multi-channel BER measurement of 1 Tbit/sec transmissions

The new function enables the configuration of highly accurate test systems for the measurement of the next generation of ultra-fast communications technologies operating at speeds of 400 Gbit/sec and 1 Tbit/sec.

When equipped with the upgrade, up to four MP1800A mainframe units, each with an 8-channel 32 Gbit/sec pulse pattern generator (PPG) may be synchronised. They may then be used to measure the operation of new communications technologies, such as Quad DP-16QAM and Dual DP-64QAM, which exploit phase modulation methods as a means of expanding core network capacity while limiting the bit rate per channel. Installing either four two-channel or two four-channel 32 Gbit/sec PPG boards in four connected MP1800A mainframes provides 32 channels of 32 Gbit/sec, reaching the transfer capacity of 1 Tbit/sec.

With a high-accuracy function for adjusting the phase in 2-mUI (milli-Unit Interval) steps, the 32 Gbit/sec PPG installed in the MP1800A enables configuration of a test system that offers accurate phase control. High repeatability can be achieved, because the PPG's 32 Gbit/sec data-signal bit pattern itself can be generated at any timing interval.

By adding this new upgrade, Anritsu is expecting to help researchers, equipment manufacturers and network operators to move forward more quickly with the implementation of next-generation, ultra-fast communications network technology.