Bluetooth 4.2 compliant parts boost security, privacy and data rates

December 08, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Cypress Semiconductor’s single-mode PSoC 4 BLE Programmable System-on-Chip and PRoC BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip solutions are positioned as the first to achieve full-featured Bluetooth 4.2 qualification, which includes three specific benefits for the IoT applications.

The benefits include:

• Data-Length Extension – A maximum data rate of 800 kbps, 2.5 times faster than Bluetooth 4.1

• LE Privacy – Upgraded privacy that allows a user to designate trusted transmission sources and prevent tracking

• LE Secure Connections – Enhanced user security during connection setup to avoid eavesdropping attacks.

These features enable Cypress’s Bluetooth Low Energy solutions to address a broader range of applications for the IoT. More information on the Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy portfolio is available at

Cypress adds, “The higher throughput of our Bluetooth 4.2 solutions allows OEMs to develop new capabilities such as multi-channel audio transmissions over BLE. They maintain user privacy for medical and wearable devices, and they bring true security to IoT applications such as secure locks and secure payments.”

PRoC BLE is a low-power Bluetooth Smart microcontroller with Cypress’s CapSense capacitive touch-sensing functionality, while PSoC 4 BLE offers expanded design flexibility by adding intelligent analogue and programmable digital blocks that enable simplified integration with sensors and actuators. Both solutions integrate a Bluetooth Smart radio, a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 core with ultra-low-power modes, 256 kB flash memory, 32 kB of SRAM, direct memory access (DMA) capability, 36 GPIOs, and customisable serial communication blocks, timers and counters. Those designing with the solutions can apply to add the Bluetooth logo on their products by referring to Cypress’s qualification identification number.

Cypress has simplified the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack and profile configuration into a new royalty-free, GUI-based BLE Component—a free embedded IC within PSoC represented by an icon—that can be dragged and dropped into designs using Cypress’s PSoC Creator integrated design environment (IDE). Application details for Cypress’s BLE Component are embedded in PSoC Creator with examples of all supported Bluetooth Low Energy profiles and example projects for mixed-signal system designs. PSoC Creator enables complete system design in a single tool. Cypress provides additional design support with multiple development kits.