Bluetooth 5 spec released: multiplies range & throughput

December 08, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has officially adopted Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the Bluetooth core specification. Key updates to Bluetooth 5 include longer range, faster speed, and larger broadcast message capacity, as well as improved interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies.

Key points include;

- 4x range increase to deliver robust, reliable connections that make full-home and building and outdoor uses cases much more viable

- 2x speed from 1 MBps to 2 MBps, without the need for additional energy. Doubling speed while maintaining low-power energy consumption will provide faster data transfers, optimise responsiveness, and lower latency that are critical for scenarios where speed is a priority (ex: medical devices, security systems, etc.).

- An 800% increase in broadcast messaging capacity, enabling Bluetooth to transmit richer, more intelligent data. This will further drive the adoption and deployment of beacons and propel the next generation of “connectionless” services like location-relevant information and navigation.

- Coexistence with other technologies, such as Wi-Fi and LTE, to provide more robust connections. This will ensure Bluetooth devices can continue to coexist within the increasingly complex global IoT environment


Bluetooth SIG;