Bluetooth low-energy Experimenter Kit, in distribution

August 02, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Mouser Electronics has Panasonic’s PAN1740 Experimenter Kit, which is a development tool for the PAN1740 Series Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module, aimed at consumer applications as well as wireless sensors, cable replacement applications, instrumentation, heart rate monitors, and blood glucose meters.

The kit consists of a Dialog DA14580 motherboard and three PAN1740 daughter boards, plus all required cables. The kit provides access to all of the PAN1740 module's general-purpose inputs and outputs (GPIOs), and an integrated Segger chip gives complete debugging capability. In combination with Dialog's complete SmartSnippets Bluetooth Software platform, dedicated onboard circuitry allows profiling and fine tuning of the application power consumption to fully employ the PAN1740's attributes.


The PAN1740 is a single-model Bluetooth module optimized for low power that features a fully shielded case, integrated chip antenna, and on-board crystal oscillators. The module draws 5 mA in transmit or receive mode, allowing the use of coin cell batteries with no reduction of signal range or transmit power while still keeping to the Bluetooth BLE specification. Receiver sensitivity is -93 dBm and output power is up to 0 dBm.


The PAN1740 module comes with a complete software development platform, which includes a qualified Bluetooth Smart single-mode stack on chip. Multiple Bluetooth Smart profiles for wellness, sport, fitness, security, and proximity applications are supplied as standard, while additional profiles can be developed and added as needed.