Bluetooth Low Energy IC for Scatternet devices: 0.3mm profile

March 01, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Toshiba Electronics Europe has a Bluetooth Low Energy Communication IC which adopts Bluetooth Core Version 4.1 and is suited for use with Scatternet devices. The TC35667WBG-006 is intended for Bluetooth Smart products, such as wearable sport and lifestyle technology, remote controls, smartphone accessories IoT.

The Scatternet standard defines two functions in the Bluetooth Core specification, for version 4.0 and higher. Adopted devices have to support either multiple or simultaneous connections with Master and Slave devices or multiple connections between two or more Master devices at the same time. Toshiba’s IC supports both functions with Bluetooth Low Energy, enabling configuration of a network with very small devices.


The TC35667WBG-006 is configured with ROM software for Scatternet and multipoint connections and combines the functionality and compact size needed to equip a Bluetooth low energy communication network in low-profile applications, such as contactless cards, tags and tickets.


Compatible from voltages of 1.8V to 3.6V, the TC35667WBG-006 operates with current consumptions down to 5.9 mA and has a deep sleep mode that reduces current consumption to 0.5 μA. On-board functionality includes DC/DC converter, low drop-out regulator, a general-purpose ADC and PWM function. User program function and a wake-up signal for a host device are also available.


In order to meet the demand for ever thinner Bluetooth devices, the TC35667WBG-006 is housed in a very thin, chip-scale package with dimensions of 2.88 x 3.04 x 0.3 mm high. Toshiba also supplies the IC in a QFN package.