Bluetooth SIG hosts London-based training day

September 09, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is holding Basics & Developer Training day in London on 18th September, at which you can, “learn all the fundamentals you need to bring your Bluetooth products and applications successfully to market.”

Bluetooth technology – the SIG says – is fast becoming the de facto standard in wireless connectivity with over 30 billion products projected to ship by 2018. The possibilities are virtually endless with a flexible architecture and the ultra power-efficiency of Bluetooth Smart technology.

The venue is the London Hilton Hotel at London's Paddington rail station – for non-UK attendees, this is reached by a direct connection from London Heathrow Airport.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group , is the official Bluetooth organisation, and along with co-sponsors Ellisys and Frontline Test Equipment has created this special one-day training covering:

Bluetooth technology basics, including architecture, core specifications, Bluetooth Smart technology, and profile & service updates

Bluetooth go-to-market basics, including how to test, qualify and market a Bluetooth product

Bluetooth application developer basics, with industry leaders spotlighting how to develop Bluetooth Smart applications on multiple OS platforms

Each attendee will receive a TI CC2541 sensor tag kit courtesy of Texas Instruments.

The training fee is $99 and you can register here.

The programme includes;

Bluetooth Technology Overview (Part 1)—Robin Heydon, CSR

Bluetooth technology basics, Bluetooth Specification (classic, high speed,

and low energy) & profiles overview

Bluetooth Technology Overview (Part 2)—Robin Heydon, CSR

Upcoming profiles introduction (group activities), apps development

(developer program introduction), Android/Apple platform support

Interoperability & Testing—James O'Reilly, UL VS Ltd

New interoperability program introduction, Profile Tuning Suite,

other testing tool introduction

Qualification and Listing—James O'Reilly, UL VS Ltd

Qualification program introduction, Test Plan Generator, listing interface, Qualification Enforcement Program

Get your products to market faster—David Bean, Frontline Test Equipment

Debug using an air sniffer—Sylvain Fasel, Ellisys

Marketing & Membership—Kelly Olsson, Bluetooth SIG

Events, marketing programs, membership programs, brand, BEP, ORG, and more

Bluetooth Smart Ready Application Accelerator Deep Dive—Vincent Gao, Bluetooth SIG

An application framework to help you jump start your BLE appcessory development

Develop next gen apps (App 2.0) based on ready-to-sell hardware platform Blukii—Matthias Schneider, C. Schneider -