Bluetooth v4.0 dual-mode modules target industrial use with Class 1 range

September 25, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Laird has released its first dual-mode Bluetooth v4.0 modules, the Class 1 Bluetooth 800 Series, along with associated development kits.

The device offers dual-mode, or Bluetooth Smart Ready support, enabling connections to devices that support BLE and Classic (pre-v4.0) Bluetooth. A packaged Laird USB dongle option is also available for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness in serving a variety of additional applications. Measuring only 8.5x13mm, the unit has a power output of 8 dBm. The series also features HID (Human Interface Device) Proxy Mode, enabling out-of-the box HID connectivity for devices such as a keyboard and mouse.  

For maximum flexibility in systems integration, the modules are designed to support a full speed USB interface plus GPIO and additionally I2S and PCM audio interfaces.

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