Bosch sets up group company to focus on IoT products

December 19, 2013 // By Peter Clarke
Robert Bosch GmbH has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary company to engage in the market for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions will supply compact electronic products and software to make web-enabled devices across a broad range of applications. The company will begin with sensor-based applications for networked homes, for traffic, transportation and logistics.

Bosch CDS will be headquartered in Reutlingen, Germany and make networked sensors and actuators with additional sites in Coimbatore, India, and Suzhou, China.

Bosch CDS can draw on the full range of MEMS-based sensors already in manufacture in-house for automotive and consumer applications – for acceleration, pressure, rotation, magnetic field, and temperature. These sensors can be augmented with microcontrollers, batteries, radio ICs and software and then programmed to process measurement data and send useful information over the internet to other autonomous nodes, such as switches and valves, or to a user's smartphone.

A spokesperson for Bosch said Bosch Sensortec could deliver MEMS sensors to Bosch CDS which would enter the market at the platform level. Integrating sensors, MCUs, energy sources and radios from various sources and adding software, Bosch CDS would focus on the development of sensor-based applications and equipment with equipment partners in various application sectors, he said.

Bosch produces more than one billion MEMS sensors per year and across its automotive and consumer electronics operations, Bosch claims it is the world's largest supplier of MEMS sensors by sales revenue.

The use of MEMS sensors in volume started in the automotive industry in 1990s and a second wave of use in games consoles, smartphones, tablet computers increased sales of MEMS dramatically. The Internet of Things is expected to represent a third wave. "We're convinced that it will far surpass the first two waves," said a company spokesperson.