Bridgelux and Toshiba achieve excellent performance for 8″ GaN-on-silicon LEDs

May 15, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
LED manufacturer Bridgelux and Toshiba Corporation have announced that they have achieved a LED chip emitting 614mW,

Toshiba has also made an equity investment in Bridgelux with the intent to jointly pursue an innovative technology in the Solid State Lighting (SSL) space. This investment will further advance both companies' efforts in the SSL industry, with the view to boost Bridgelux's GaN-on-Silicon LED chip technology development efforts based on Toshiba's advanced silicon process and manufacturing technology development efforts.

 “We are pleased to achieve the best-reported 8” GaN-on-Silicon LED performance through our joint development activities with Bridgelux", said Makoto Hideshima, Executive Vice President of Semiconductor Products for Toshiba.

The companies announced they will further accelerate their development efforts for LED chips, which have seen increasing demand for LCD panels and lightening systems worldwide.