Build ZigBee+IoT projects with NXP expansion kits, in distribution

January 04, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Mouser Electronics has the JN5169 ZigBee Expansion Kits from NXP Semiconductors. Equipped with NXP’s pre-certified ZigBee and IEEE802.15.4 JN5169 wireless MCU, these kits assist designers to rapidly introduce ZigBee-enabled wireless products with minimal RF design.

Each kit comes equipped with pre-programmed software capabilities, such as wireless lighting and sensor functionality, providing engineers the tools necessary for wireless network development for Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home applications. Each kit concentrates on a particular type of ZigBee-enabled functionality. The JN5169XK010 expansion kit provides a dimmer switch, level control, and LED functionality, and the JN5169XK020 expansion kit provides lighting and sensor functionality as part of a ZigBee wireless network. Both kits include a Carrier Board and a JN5169 module with integrated PCB antenna. The JN5169XK010 features an expansion board that features four switches, four LEDs, and a potentiometer, while the JN5169XK010 includes a Lighting/Sensor Expansion Board that features a white dimmable LED cluster, an RGB colour LED module, a light sensor, and a humidity/temperature sensor. Both the JN5169XK010 and JN5169XK020 kits can be introduced into the network via ZigBee commissioning or, optionally, via NFC commissioning. Both kits also include an adapter for connecting the Carrier Board to an NXP NTAG I2C antenna board. The OM15020: JN5169 USB Dongle can be used as a node in a ZigBee wireless network and configured as a ZigBee Control Bridge, ZigBee Co-ordinator or packet sniffer. The JN5169 USB Dongle comes pre-programmed as an IEEE802.15.4 packet sniffer, which enables it to be used with Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer software to detect packets in a ZigBee wireless network.