Bulk-accoustic-wave RF bandpass filters from TriQuint

March 29, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Richardson RFPD has announced availability and full design support capabilities for three new high-performance bulk acoustic wave (BAW) RF bandpass filters from TriQuint that provide greater power handling and high rejection, for wireless infrastructure applications.

The new BAW bandpass filters offer low insertion loss, high attenuation, greater power handling and temperature stability, and superior signal selectivity, suiting them for base station, repeaters, and other wireless infrastructure applications.

All three devices are offered in industry-standard 3 x 3 mm hermetic ceramic packages and are the latest additions to TriQuint's broad portfolio of RF filters in this package type. Bands covered are the 2UL, 2DL and 7 UL, with centre frequencies of 1889, 1960 and 25 35 MHz. RF power handling is +30 to +33 dBm and rejection is 20 to 30 dB at the band edge. Typical insertion losses are 2.2 to 3.5 dB.

To find more information Richardson RFPD website, visit the High-Performance BAW RF Bandpass Filters from TriQuint webpage. www.richardsonrfpd.com