Cadence acquires parallel logic simulation speed-up tech with Rocketick purchase

April 13, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Cadence Design Systems purchase Israeli company Rocketick Technologies, a specialist in multicore parallel simulation, capable of, Cadence asserts, applying fine-grain multiprocessing technology to accelerate RTL simulation up the six-fold, or up to 10X speed-up for gate-level functional and up to 30X speed-up for gate-level DFT simulations

The technology runs on standard x86-based servers, and using standard hardware, scales from one to 64 cores, Cadence says it will deliver ultra-high-performance simulation to accelerate the development of complete systems with the consumer end-product in mind.


Rocketick’s technology achieves linear speed-up by parallelizing simulation on standard x86-based multicore servers, providing automated partitioning across designs and testbenches, and the flexibility to direct simulations to server farm resources ranging from one to 64 cores. It also provides a significant accuracy advantage and enhanced visibility with four-state logic simulation, and reduces host memory footprint by 2-3X for gate-level designs. Rocketick’s technology works with the Cadence Incisive Enterprise Simulator without the need to modify designs or testbenches, eliminating ramp-up time while providing accurate results at significantly accelerated speeds.