Cadence/Intel collaboration yields 14nm library characterisation reference flow

March 19, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
For customers of Intel’s Custom Foundry business, Cadence’s Virtuoso Liberate Characterisation Solution and Spectre Circuit Simulator together ensure accurate 14nm logic libraries

The reference flow enables Intel Custom Foundry customers to re-characterise the logic libraries for custom process, voltage or temperature corners or to characterise custom cells following a similar characterisation methodology. The two companies have delivered a 14nm (nanometer) library characterisation reference flow; this continues a collaboration on enabling digital and custom/analogue flows for the Intel 14nm platform. The library characterisation reference flow is centred on the Virtuoso Liberate Characterisation solution and Spectre Circuit Simulator and enables accurate 14nm logic libraries.

The reference flow for 14nm logic libraries enables the creation of Liberty libraries, AOCV de-rating tables, library validation and reliability views. The reference flow was developed using Virtuoso Liberate, Virtuoso Liberate LV, Virtuoso Variety characterisation solutions and Spectre Circuit Simulator to deliver accurate logic libraries, including advanced timing models (ECSM, CCS), advanced noise models (ECSMN, CCSN), and advanced power models (ECSMP, CCSP).

Intel Custom Foundry has developed an extensive design platform on Intel's 14nm Tri-gate process technology for systems-on-chip (SoCs) targeted at cloud infrastructure and mobile applications. Intel's 14nm platform is the second generation to use 3D Tri-gate (also termed finFET) transistors that enable chips to operate at lower voltage with lower leakage, providing a combination of improved performance and energy efficiency.

“Accurate logic libraries are required to enable our customers to implement and verify differentiated SoCs on Intel's 14nm design platform,” said Ali Farhang, vice president, Design and Enablement Services, Intel Custom Foundry. “Intel Custom Foundry’s 14nm characterisation reference flow includes best characterisation practices jointly developed by Intel Custom Foundry and Cadence and can accelerate the ramp-up time for customers who need to re-characterise libraries.”