CatherinaS combines motion detection with LED lighting

June 01, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
LED lighting expert company FuturoLighting (Piestany, Slovakia) has announced an extension to its range of Catherina lighting solutions. CatherinaS, a compact fully autonomous motion detecting lighting solution uses the latest Osram Duris E5 LED technology. Due to its immediate light output and no lifetime limitation due to switching, CatherinaS offers advantages over traditional incandescent and fluorescent light sources as well as improved reliability due to its solid-state construction.

Similarly to long form version, Catherina S has a simple setup using built-in micro-controller provided by Microchip with integrated high resolution control over light output levels, ambient light threshold, dimming functionality, and Gamma correction which improves visual comfort. Once the desired settings are adjusted the Catherina S doesn't need to be adjusted again. It can be installed in any location that is dry and has low voltage distribution network or a standard wall outlet. Suggested applications for Catherina S are under cabinet lighting (kitchens, shelves, desks, etc.), smart indirect illumination for rooms, galleries, museums, cupboards, stair illumination, architectural lighting and many others. 

FuturoLighting added that it is continuously extending the range of Catherina lighting solution to further models and configurations according to customer needs and expectations.

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