CEA-Liten claims first ever printed ADC made on plastic foil

February 28, 2013 // By Julien Happich
CEA-Liten printed electronics technology has allowed to process the first printed analog to digital converter (ADC) ever made on plastic foil.

Developed in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology, ST Microelectronics and University of Catania, the organic transistors manufactured at CEA-Liten are processed using printing techniques on plastic sheet. The ADC circuit block could be used to convert to digital bits the analogue values read from a sensor (which could also be printed on packages of perishable goods to monitor their freshness). The ADC circuit was made with screen-printing techniques, it includes more than 100 n and p type transistors and a resistive layer on a transparent plastic sheet. The ADC circuit offers a resolution of 4-bits, and has a speed of 2Hz. It was designed in the framework of the EU project COSMIC (Complementary Organic Semiconductors and Metal Integrated Circuits). The carrier mobility of the printed transistors is higher than the one observed in amorphous silicon, which is widely used in the display industry (CEA technology p type µp = 1.8 cm²/V.s – n type µn = 0.5 cm²/V.s).

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