Celcite demonstrates LTE optimisation techniques

September 26, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Celcite Management Solutions has announced that it will be demonstrating its ground-breaking optimisation platform, COPST, at Futurecom in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (8-11 October). The company will showcase COPS-AIC for LTE and COPS-Geo, its solutions for optimising engineering efficiencies, capacity planning and managing the subscribers' network experiences.

The LTE module in COPS-AIC ensures the LTE technology is deployed optimally through pre/post launch activities, network audits, network monitoring, and on-going network optimisation. Automatic Intelligence Correlation (AIC) analysis is provisioned via the automated rules engine (COPS-AIC) that continuously takes in a variety of data types from the network to correlate issues and identify root causes for poorly performing network elements. COPS AIC automates optimisation and root cause analysis, resulting in a 70% improvement in engineering efficiencies.

COPS-Geo is a probe-less mobile terminal geo-location based analysis solution that provides capacity planning and an innovative alternative to drive testing using geo-coded mobile measurement data. This solution analyses wireless network data from the perspective of customers, to significantly improve customer-perceived network quality by providing insight into actual subscriber experience for both voice and data. The intuitive module allows for the analysis and display of metrics like Ec/Io, RSCP, dropped calls, and more.